At Together We Win We Focus On:

Identifying available funds that have been allocated specifically to address economic disparities in Black and Brown communities across the United States.

Together We Win has identified over $13M, helping 500+ Black and Brown businesses economically grow and thrive in several communities.


Securing buy-in from community thought leaders, elected officials, and local economic redevelopment

agencies to cement a culture of collaborative economics in underserved, but prospering areas.

We work with leaders and decision makers in the communities we serve to raise awareness about our programs to achieve buy-in, collaboration and growth.

Working with partners to identify the needs of a local business community and create solutions for selected entrepreneurs.​

Our select group of allies includes Eureka, 1863 Ventures, PowerUP Funds,, Hispanic and Philanthropy, and The Rockefeller Foundation. They audit and assess business’s needs to provide a roadmap for growth and economic prosperity.


At Together We Win We Provide Resources and Essential Tools By Facilitating:

• Training, coaching, mentoring

•  Grants and new business opportunities

• Financial literacy/education


Together We Win Helps Black and Brown Owned Businesses Strive and Thrive By:

• Focusing on services and products that fill in a void/provide a solution or innovate an existing industry or product.

• Supporting minority entrepreneurs who represent a diverse subset of Black and Brown populations.

• Working  with Black and Brown entrepreneurs who are established    and need guidance and support to successfully scale up.